Saving Henry is a powerful and poignant memoir about a mother’s love and the bravery of her son through their fight to cure his life-threatening illness – and the impact that Henry has had on the lives of so many.

Laurie & Henry

On October 25, 1995, Laurie Strongin gave birth to her first child, a son named Henry Strongin Goldberg. Henry was born with a heart condition that was operable, but which proved to be a precursor for a rare, almost-always fatal illness: Fanconi anemia.

Over a period of seven years, Laurie and her husband Allen Goldberg turned Henry’s death sentence into a challenge to live life to its fullest while pursuing every medical treatment available. Saving Henry tells Henry’s extraordinary story from beginning to end as the family tested the limits of science while exploring the depths of their love. It is a story where science, love, genes, reproductive rights, ethics and politics collide; where hopes and dreams are made and dashed and where, in the end, Henry’s death paved the way for others to live.

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How do you make beauty and meaning out of unimaginable sorrow? Saving Henry is a stirring account of struggle, love, and loss that manages to be both honest and inspiring.

Rabbi David Wolpe, author, Making Loss Matter and Why Faith Matters

Henry’s story is important and newsworthy; a testament to how the debate over medical technology and stem cell research is not just an academic argument, but also a searingly personal one. Mostly, though, it’s an intimate love story. We should all learn from Henry what his family has learned – to live well and laugh hard.

Lisa Belkin, Journalist for The New York Times

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