Reviews for Saving Henry

A heartrending story that sends a clear message about the life-saving potential of stem-cell research.

Staff, Kirkus Reviews

A heartbreaking story, exquisitely told. …Laurie Strongin’s integrity, humanity, and wisdom are an inspiration to the rest of us.

David Shenk, Author, The Forgetting

Strongin has a gift for telling a complex medical story as an unfolding family narrative – a family that in so many ways is my family, your family, anybody’s family. Any of us in today’s world could find ourselves facing the difficult and challenging set of decisions this family had to make. Strongin’s story is a truthful and honest roadmap we may want to follow.

Dr. Ranit Mishori, Contributing Health Editor, Parade Magazine; Professor, Georgetown University

Saving Henry is a marvelously-told tale of love triumphant. Parents often say they would do anything for their children. This is the story of a couple that actually did.

Jeffrey Goldberg, National Correspondent, The Atlantic

There’s a reason Saving Henry rings with so much truth: the author lived every word of it. It’s a vivid, beautifully rendered and almost painfully honest account of a journey none of them wanted to take, but could not avoid, thanks to a bad throw of the genetic dice.  Laurie, her husband Allen, and especially little Henry, become pioneers in a landscape of complex technological procedures that offer hope but also bring pain … and yet they keep trying. This is a tale of a family that will not quit.

John Donvan, Correspondent, ABC News

Henry’s story is important and newsworthy; a testament to how the debate over medical technology and stem cell research is not just an academic argument, but also a searingly personal one. Mostly, though, it’s an intimate love story. We should all learn from Henry what his family has learned—to live well and laugh hard.

Lisa Belkin, Journalist, The New York Times Go to full review

How do you make beauty and meaning out of unimaginable sorrow? Saving Henry is a stirring account of struggle, love, and loss that manages to be both honest and inspiring.

Rabbi David Wolpe, Author, Making Loss Matter and Why Faith Matters

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