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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Rehoboth Beach, The Ongoing Saga

(Note: For context, please read the blog post from August 1 and August 4, 2010 first.)

On March 2, 2010, my book hit the shelves in bookstores around the country. Friends in a variety of cities did what friends do. They took, and emailed me, photos of my book in DC, Maryland, Virginia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles. You get the picture. That night, I had a beautiful book launch event at the Motion Picture Association of America in my hometown of Washington, DC. Within days, I had the incredible good fortune to appear on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos. Within days of that, The Washington Post ran a two-page spread on Saving Henry in its “Style” section. I was on The Bob Edwards Show, The Diane Rehm Show, USA Today, and many more outlets. My book was selling. I was busy. My high hopes and perhaps higher expectations were being met. I forgot all about the message I did or didn’t get on February 28 when I dared ask Browseabout Books if they had ordered a shipment of my book. Until…

On Sunday, March 21, at 16:26:31 EST, I got an incoming email from my sister Abby. I happened to be at a rest stop on 95 South, on my way home from a special book party that had taken place earlier that day at the home of my friend Lisa Belkin. I opened the email as my sister had noted that it was important. Not urgent, but important nonetheless. The email was short and to the point, “this is a photo of laurie’s book front and center at browseabout books in rehoboth!!! Attached to the email was a photo of Saving Henry, front and center at Browseabout Books. There was a red piece of paper taped above the book which read, “A story of hope and love. Part of this story takes place in Rehoboth Beach.”

My husband Allen responded to the email, not by immediately writing back to Abby, but rather by picking up the phone and calling Browseabout to see if they would be willing to invite me for a book signing later in the summer. Which brings me to Saturday, June 19, also known as later in the summer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rehoboth Beach, Continued, But Far From Over

(Note: For context, please read the blog post from August 1, 2010 first.)

I paid for Jack’s and my books at Browseabout. We headed toward the door. I hesitated. I turned around and walked back to the register. I feigned interest in the HEXBUG, a cool, new toy bug that crawls all over the place. I actually got interested in the HEXBUG. The book seller asked me if I’d ever seen them before. I told her I hadn’t. I started to turn away to leave but before I committed to walking toward the door, I turned toward her and asked if they were expecting copies of Saving Henry. The book seller checked her computer. I held my breath. She clicked buttons. I continued to hold my breath. She nodded. I took a breath because I had to. She explained, “I don’t see that we have any coming in, but I’m happy to order one for you.” “That’s OK,” I replied as I slowly walked toward the door in search of Jack, whose beautiful smile was sure to wipe away my disappointment in a flash. The Candy Kitchen red licorice bites I had purchased for my dining pleasure on the road trip home didn’t hurt either.