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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Three’s A Charm

Thankfully it is too soon to tell whether (at least in my case) this is myth or legend, but some time ago I heard that if you introduce three couples who eventually marry, then you get to go to heaven. With the marriages of Jody Costilo to Michael Gan, my sister Abby Strongin to Andy Cherner, and my cousin Catherine Kreindler to Tim Levy, my prospects for the afterlife are looking pretty good.

This past year, a hat-trick of another sort happened and it has me wondering. If not one, not two, but three people are named after you, what’s the reckoning?

It all started in July 2007 with the birth of Max Henry Winaker.  His father Jeremy explained, “We’ve been waiting for a boy. We wanted you to know as we honor your Henry’s gift to us and the world.” Jeremy, a rabbi, met his wife Ali Mendelson, one of Henry’s doctors, at Henry’s funeral. Two years later, Allen and I attended their wedding. http://bit.ly/7dpwe5

In mid-2009, Henry Clark Dunning Goldblatt was born to two superhero-loving parents who thought it fitting to name him after a couple of superheroes they admired, our own Henry Goldberg and Clark Kent a.k.a. Superman.

More recently, our friends Matt and Sarah Brenner gave birth to a little boy. Matt explained, “In naming Henry, we also remember Henry Strongin Goldberg, the son of our friends Allen and Laurie and the toughest guy I ever met.  Henry faced overwhelming odds from birth, due to a rare disease that subjected him to medical challenges and procedures beyond anything that any of us can comprehend.  During his seven short but full years, Henry did not allow the disease to define him.  Instead, he showed constant strength and courage in facing any surgery or treatment thrown his way, all in a fierce and determined battle for what we all take for granted – living a normal life.  You only needed to meet him once to understand what it means to completely embrace life, from mixing it up with his brothers to idolizing Batman.   His gravestone quotes Harry Potter – The Boy Who Lived – and it could not be more apt.  In his short life, Henry taught that one must confront obstacles head on and appreciate all of life’s possibilities, particularly the routine that we take for granted.  For our son, we wish some measure of the strength and positivity Henry possessed.”

I may or may not be bound for heaven but I have no doubt that Henry is part of a fantastic troupe of superheroes engaged in some serious merry-making.

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Monday, January 4, 2010

Batman is the Best

Batman is the best as far as the Strongin/Goldbergs are concerned. Batman is the Best

As you probably know by now, Henry was fascinated, even obsessed, with Batman. He wore Batman costumes in sizes that grew with him, from infant to medium. He owned – and played with – hundreds of Batman action figures. He wore capes, utility belts, sneakers, watches. He watched movies, cartoons, and read comic books. Among the best days of Henry’s life was the day he met the real Batman.

Recognizing my dual love for Henry and all things Batman, Allen is ever on the lookout for new collectibles. This holiday season, he hit the jackpot. Entertainment Earth, which is a purveyor of amazing Batman goodies, advertised its Batman Cosbaby Mini-Figure Set, seven three-inch high, posable action figures including Batman, Robin, Batgirl, Two-Face, and the Joker.

New Batman Action Figures

The whole gang quickly moved from package to dresser display. Last night Joe asked me if he could sleep with the Batman and Robin figurines. He held them as we lay in his bed and explained, “Batman is the best. He is stronger and he has better protection on his chest, his head, and his wrists. He is my favorite.” Then he paused and added, “But Robin has cooler eyes because he wears eye black.” For those of you who are not baseball enthusiasts, eye black is grease worn below the eyes of baseball players to help reduce glare from sunlight or stadium lights. For Joe, an aspiring baseball player, this was clearly a plus.

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Friday, December 11, 2009

When Friends Become Superheroes

David Shenk, an author of many books including the soon-to-be-released The Genius in All of Us, blogged about Henry, Allen, and me on the seventh anniversary of Henry’s death.


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